Advanced CBD botanical formulas that give back to your body

REcover faster,
Get back to being active.

Advanced CBD botanical formulas that give back to your body

REcover faster,
Get back to being active.

Our advanced cbd infused botanical formulas help you

Look Good &
Feel Good

. Our Story

Chanvre started as four individuals connected by a shared commitment to treat ourselves to the very best in a healthy lifestyle. With  “quality starts from the seed” as our guiding mantra, we prioritize the quality of our hemp above all else. We specialize in small batch, premium CBD products that source hemp from farms that we’ve personally selected in the USA.  

. Our Mission

We wanted to create clean and effective CBD products that we could trust, and that had nothing to hide. From premium CBD oils to luxury facial creams, we specially formulated a no-bullsh*t line of high-quality CBD products to make your daily ritual. Center yourself and treat yourself with products that set you up for clarity, focus, and balance

. Our Promise

Always free of pesticide and herbicide. Always independently tested. Our premium full spectrum whole-plant hemp extract CBD products are designed to bring focus back into your life. We stand behind our USA-grown products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Take coffee to the next level

Add our Vanilla Almond CBD Oil to your next cup!

Nothing to Hide

No harmful chemicals or toxins. 
No pesticides or herbicides.
No parabens, PEGs, or synthetic fragrances.
No animal testing.

Botanical Synergy

Specially formulated with natural ingredients such as lavender, aloe, green tea, and more so you can compound the beneficial effects of plant-based health.

Made in the USA

We’ve personally selected GMP-certified farms in the USA that grow small batch hemp. Our hemp is hand picked and immediately vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and quality.


Our CBD products go through rigorous  3rd party testing and each one comes with a certificate of analysis so you can feel confident in the purity of your CBD product.

How much CBD should I take

…and how often should I take it?
It depends on your body, tolerance, and what you're hoping to get out of using CBD. Everyone is different, but to help you make a decision, we've created a handy guide to help you get started.
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What is
Full Spectrum

…and how is different from CBD Isolate?
Full Spectrum CBD has all the available cannabindiods found in the cannbis sativa plant. Isolate CBD is best used as a CBD "booster" for your full spectrum regiment

How does CBD work

…and what are its benefits?
Before we can explain exactly how CBD works we need to understand our bodies endocannabinoid system.
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