100mg to 200mg
CBD + High Strength Menthol Sports Balm


For intense and cooling pain relief for moderate to severe muscle and joint pain, look no further than Chanvre’s premium CBD Balms. Infused with high-quality CBD and menthol, our extra-strength formula balms were developed to inject fast pain relief. This cooling, aromatic salve not only helps with muscle aches and pain, but also inflammation, skin irritations such as bug bites, and chafed skin.

The CBD Sports Balm is our extra-strength CBD formula to be used sparingly when needing strong pain relief. For daily use, please use our CBD Cooling Cream or Body Lotion.

  • 100MG
  • 200MG

This balm helps you feel better, by soothing your muscles.

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CBD + High Strength Menthol Sports Balm

  1. Sergio Lopez

    Having a closed minded opinion about something I never tried was by far the dumbest thing I have done.
    With all the hype going around with CBD oils and whatnot, I thought it was a fad to be forgotten.
    Recently I was GIVEN some products by Chanvre Group. So I figured why not, I didn’t have much to lose.
    And for the past month I’ve been using it as needed to gauge any effects (if any).
    And the reality is, I have to apologize for my ignorance, especially to all those people I poked fun at for buying into the hype.

    The CBD oil I’ve utilized regularly and felt, for a lack of better description. Relaxed and at ease with the common stressors that everyday life presents us.
    Even went on not to use it for a short while and could tell that the effects were genuine. And the fact of the matter is,
    It works.

    As for the CBD Sports balm… I utilized it two ways. The first time I used it was a day AFTER a MAX EFFORT upper day. My elbows and wrist usually suffer the most after max effort days so I applied it generously on the trouble areas.
    It wasn’t overly greasy, it lessened the stiffness, but I still felt some aches.
    The best way (IMO) was immediately after my workout.. the positive effects were noticeable and the cooling sensation was a great relief after the intense session.
    The thing that surprised me the most was when my mom tried it when she was suffering a severe sinus headache.
    It was a relief that was not expected but very much appreciated.

    As the saying goes, “you don’t know unless you try.”
    Great product. I definitely recommend looking into them.

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